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Around the Web: Don’t Forget to Make a Digital Will

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In today’s digital age, most people have numerous online accounts and subscriptions. From social media and streaming services to bank accounts and apps, it can be overwhelming. So what happens when we pass away? It’s important to consider what your family members may need to know in order to access or delete accounts as needed. This Kiplinger article addresses the steps you can take now to prevent any unnecessary confusion or frustration for your family members after your passing. 

  1. Keep a list of all your logins for online accounts. From your Facebook and Amazon accounts to your frequent flier login, it’s important there is a record of all your accounts and your heirs are able to access them.
  2. What do you wish to be done with your accounts after your passing? Whether you want it closed, saved, or otherwise, it is very helpful to notate these wishes in your list of accounts.
  3. Make sure someone whom you trust is named as online executor of your digital will. Put all of these wishes into writing to make it official. An attorney can help you with the proper language. 

If you need assistance with your digital will, Rhodes Law Firm is happy to help. Give us a call today! 

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