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Around the Web: Legal, Financial Preparation is Key for Patients with Dementia, Alzheimer’s

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Medical and legal experts recommend patients with declining mental or physical health examine their end-of-life arrangements to ensure it is up to date and your wishes will be carried out. This National Institute of Aging article shines light on the different documents you may need, as well as the next steps to consider while getting your affairs in order.

There are several documents a lawyer may recommend, such as ones that help communicate the wishes of the person who can no longer make health care decisions as well as financial and estate management documents. 

Advanced Directives should be prepared while the person is still able to legally execute them. They may include a durable power of attorney, a living will, as well as a DNR order (do not resuscitate). Having these documents in order can help ensure your wishes are properly respected.

Above all, it is important to begin these discussions early. The rate of decline is different in each case, so act while you still can. If you or a loved one needs legal and financial planning assistance, Rhodes Law Firm is here to help. 

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